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COSC1436 Programming Fundamentals I
Course Support Materials


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  1. How to Use C++ Compiler in Visual Studio.NET
  2. Info & Link to Text book C++ Programming From Problem Analysis to Program Design
  3. What time is it? www.time.gov
  4. Link to Computer World :
  5. Link to About C/C++ Language:
  6. PowerPoint Presentations for C++ Programming

        Chapter 1 (An Overview of Computers and Programming Languages)

        Chapter 2 (Basic Elements of C++)

        Chapter 3 (Input/Output)

        Chapter 4 (Control Structures, Selection)

        Chapter 5 (Control Structure, Repetition)

        Chapter 6 (User Defined Function I)

        Chapter 7 (User Defined Function II)

        Chapter 8. (User Defined Simple Data Types, Namespaces, and the string Type)

        Chapter 9. (Arrays and Strings)

        Chapter 10 (Application of Arrays and the vector Type)

  1. PowerPoint Presentations for Programming Logic and Design)

        Chapter 1 (An Overview of Computers and Logic)

        Chapter 2 (Understanding Structure)

        Chapter 3 (Modules, Hierarchy Chart, and Documentation)

        Chapter 4 (Writing and Designing a complete Program)

        Chapter 5 (Making Decision)

        Chapter 6 (Looping)

        Chapter 7 (Control Breaks)

        Chapter 8. (Arrays)

        Chapter 9. (Advanced Array Manipulation)



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