Welcome to this Term.


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Here is a little information about me:

I am a graduate of "Boston University" with a Degree in Aerospace Engineering, and "Northeastern University" with a Degree in Manufacturing Engineering. I have worked in the Aerospace Industry as a Quality Assurance Engineer, and later in the Electrical/Electronics industry as a Systems Analyst, programmer (COBOL, FORTRAN, RPG, BASIC, SQL, CLIPPER, dBase), and IT Director. I have worked with a large variety of Databases including but not limited to:


DBase(II, III, IV, 5, 7.5), FOX-PRO,
ACCESS (MOS Certified)


This general experience began in 1970, and continues even now. In 1982 started my own consulting firm for the design and construction of databases for small businesses. At the same time, I began working for HCCS as an Adjunct Faculty Member teaching several Computer Literacy subjects and Programming. In 1984, I became a full time faculty member, and have taught a variety of courses since that time.