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Welcome to the Spring 2013 Term.
Hope you enjoy your classes when they become available or go ON-LINE.

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Here is a little video information about me: (Text Version)

I am a graduate of "Boston University" with a Degree in Aerospace Engineering, and "Northeastern University" with a Degree in Manufacturing Engineering. This was followed by graduate studies in Computer Science and Operations Research at the University of New Haven in New Haven Connecticut I have worked in the Aerospace Industry as a Quality Assurance Engineer, and later in the Electrical/Electronics industry as a Systems Analyst, programmer (COBOL, FORTRAN, RPG, BASIC, SQL, CLIPPER, dBase), and as an IT Director.

I have worked with a large variety of Database systems including but not limited to:


I am currently:
MOS Certified in Access2002
IBM MAPICS Certified
Trained Instructor - z/OS Enterprise Server Systems.

My general computer experience began in 1970, and continues even now. In 1982 I started my own consulting firm for the design and construction of databases for small businesses. At about the same time, I began working for HCCS as an Adjunct Faculty Member teaching several Computer Literacy subjects and Programming. In 1984, I became a full time faculty member, and have taught a variety of courses since that time. In 2007 I attended a special class for Enterprise Computing at Marist College under the direction of IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY. where I was re-trained in the philosophy of Enterprise Computing including the systems architecture of the "z/9x" Enterprise Class Multiprocessor Servers, the "z/OS" multiprocessor Operating system, Batch JCL, interactive CICS, TSO and other enterprise tools. I also received training in integrating TCP/IP with SNA network protocols and RACF security systems

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